Lead the way you were born to lead.

Leaders who are self-aware are primed and rooted in authenticity, instinct and clarity. They are creative, curious, agile and resilient and they respond with ease and precision, even in the most rugged, rapidly changing circumstances. This commitment to excellence via compassionate presence positively impacts personal and professional bottom lines and delivers greater alignment and harmony to all aspects of life, from the board room to the court and field to the family room.


And it takes practice.


Excellence happens now: in the present moment.

Peak Performance 1:1


Customized for high performers in all fields.


The foundation. The capacity to maintain attention is the basis of higher-level cognitive function, the foundation of emotional intelligence, and a marker of sustainable high performance. Mindfulness training refines attention and is bedrock for other critical mindset components such as confidence, calm, focus, trust, optimism, compassion and grit. 


The work. Awareness practices establish presence and authenticity, quiet the mind and dissolve non-truth. This deepens integration of inner and outer worlds. Through close study of personal edges, accurate and compassionate self-assessment, and embodied understanding of stress triggers, high performers can show up whole and complete more of the time, leading to measurable increases in performance, more intelligent recovery and experience of joy and beauty along the way. Emphasis is on integration, quality of progression and nuance.


8-week Leadership Intensive


Eight 90-minute small-group learning blocks designed based on latest neuroscience of embodied attention training and emotional intelligence. Optimized for individual and group leadership success, stress reduction, resilience and business ingenuity. Peak Performance 1:1 for each participant is built in.


In addition to benefits to individuals (see 1:1), outcomes include greater team innovation and communication via increased personal discernment and accountability, all indicators of positive shifts in organizational culture. 






Specialized retreats in wild places, including a week-long river trip and an invitation-only small-group retreat at a pristine private property on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River deep in Idaho's River of No Return Wilderness.


Taking sustained retreat is crucial in restoring energy, sourcing deep inner calm, and building momentum for instinctual peak performance. 



Organizational Alignment


1:1 coach-the-coach and programs tailored to support internal coaches in creating sustainable expansion for team and organizational alignment.




The modern landscape requires us to navigate increasingly complex and demanding terrain in all aspects of life and the associated mental clutter often impedes performance and joy. The need for clarity, focus, discernment and compassion is paramount. Training the mind refines attention and reveals inner resources, meaning and purpose. This embodied way of being is the birthplace of fluid peak performance and, who knew, compassion. 


Growth happens at the edges.